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The new Cirrus Electric Ceiling Lift raises ceiling lift functionality and usability to a new level. The compact design and modern styling of the Cirrus allows it to blend in with any décor. Small and sleek, however, doesn’t mean weak; this lift can safely handle patients up to 600lbs. Designed specifically for the institutional market, the Cirrus features a high output lifting motor and an all-metal drive train for superior safety and durability. Our signature, true 6-point spreader bar means maximum comfort and safety for your patients. It also allows the lift to be used for effective in-bed repositioning and supine transfer tasks that old style, 2-point spreader bars just can’t effectively perform. Available in both manual and power traverse models, the Cirrus is packed with an extensive array of safety and ease-of-use features.

One critically important factor to consider when selecting the appropriate ceiling lift for your facility is how well the lift and tracking will work within your existing environment. Often overlooked is the integration of the ceiling lift tracks with the existing privacy curtain system. Our industry exclusive, patent pending Curtain Track Solution option provides the industry’s only true solution. It allows your existing privacy curtains and privacy curtain tracks to work seamlessly with the ceiling lift tracks. Competitive vendors will require that you cut curtains and curtain tracks or install a cumbersome wall mounted curtain system (both expensive and time consuming modifications). The Curtain Track Solution allows you to avoid all modifications and permits you to maintain the clean, efficient and effective privacy curtain system you have now.

The Cirrus Electric Ceiling Lift is guaranteed to reduce your workplace injuries and increase patient safety. In addition, it’s the only ceiling lift that can be seamlessly integrated into your environment for the best in convenience, appearance and patient privacy.

Product Features:

  • Industry Exclusive Trolley Design Accommodates Curtain Track Solution

  • Up to 600lb Lifting Capacity. Choose Manual or Power Traverse.

  • Compact Design

Integrated Safety Features:
  • Slack Strap Cutout Switch

  • Angle Detector With Cutout

  • Anti-Freewheel Mechanism

  • Limit Switches Up/Down

  • Overload Protection

  • Emergency Mechanical Lowering

  • Integrated Cycle Counter

  • Extra Wide/Extra Long Lifting Strap For Safety and Convenience Soft Start/Stop Lifting.

  • Super Six Point Padded Spreader Bar For Superior Safety and Comfort. Allows for Effective In Bed Repositioning.

  • Emergency On/Off. 2 or 4 Function Hand Controller Electric Operation for Optimal Reliability

  • Optional Digital Weigh Scale (Not shown)

  • Smart Sleep Mode Function to Conserve Battery Power. No Need to Continuously Return to Charging Station.

  • Digital Control Pad With Visual and Audio Low Battery Indicators Includes Additional Set of Lift Controls

  • High Output Motors Designed for Institutional Use

  • All Metal Lifting and Traverse Drive Train for Safety, Reliability and Durability. (No Plastic Gears or Rubber Belts)

  • OSHPD Approved

  • Charging options: Auto return to charge (RTC) and Continuous charge (CC)

  • Super quiet operation

Additional Features & Images:

Patent Pending Curtain Track Solution

New from T.H.E. Medical. Ceiling lifts CAN work seamlessly with privacy curtains.


Easy To Use

  • All functions are clearly marked on the main control panel

  • Includes visual battery indicator and an extra set of controls

  • The Cirrus requires zero floor space and is always ready to use

  • Smart sleep mode ensures lift is always charged

Super 6-Point Spreader Bar


  • Pivoting, permanently attached side bars

  • Sling safety locks

  • Padded spreader bar

  • Maximizes patient comfort and safety and allows for in-bed repositioning

Unobstructed Patient Access

Pushbutton patient rolling and repositioning is safe and easy when using the Cirrus in conjunction with the roller band slings. Eliminates caregiver strain and provides virtually unobstructed patient access

Optional Backboard Attachment

The unique, all-in-one six point spreader bar allows the Cirrus to easily lift backboard patients by incorporating
the optional backboard strap set.

Roller Band Lifting Options

The roller band set can also be used for limb lifting. Reduce caregiver injury and labor hours by having one caregiver provide foot and wound care. The lift does the lifting!

For perineal access, peri-care, catheter insertion etc. lift both legs effortlessly by using both roller bands.

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Sample Track Layouts:

Typical Installations:



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