Patient Lifter Slings:
The critical connection between patient and lift.

The patient lifter sling is a very important component of any lifting system. Too often, very little time is spent on selecting the proper sling and the end result is usually less than satisfactory. Using the wrong sling can be both dangerous and uncomfortable for the patient and very frustrating for the caregiver. The 3 factors that must be taken into consideration before deciding on a sling are as follows:

a) The desired functionality
b) Any special physiological conditions of the patient, and
c) The patient's weight

In many cases more than one type of sling is required to maximize the usefulness of the lift.

a. The desired functionality: Most slings are designed for a specific purpose. A general use sling is designed for performing regular bed to chair transfers and can normally handle performing a floor lift as well. A toileting or hygiene sling is designed specifically for toileting, changing incontinent pads and perineal care. A walking sling is sometimes available that will allow the lift to be used as a rehabilitation device. Most slings are usually available in both a solid fabric and mesh fabric version. Solid fabric slings are normally the more comfortable of the two styles. Mesh fabric slings should be employed when the lift is being used to perform transfers in and out of a tub or shower. The mesh fabric allows the excess water to drain quickly and the sling will dry much faster. Most slings are also available with either padded or unpadded legs. It is recommended to always choose the padded leg version if possible since these slings are much more comfortable for the patient as they do not bunch up or pinch the skin like the unpadded versions.
b. Special physiological conditions: Special considerations also need to be taken into account when selecting a sling. Specifically, most slings are available either with or without a head support function. If the patient has no muscle tone or control in their neck they will require head support. Normally, patients that are either single leg or double leg amputees will also require a special sling.
c. The patient's weight: Most manufacturers publish recommended weight guidelines for their various models. Always be sure to purchase a sling that correctly matches the weight of the patient.
In many cases, a standard off-the-shelf sling will just not be appropriate for your patient. Be sure that your vendor has the capability of designing and fabricating a custom sling for you should the need arise, otherwise, you could be faced with a lift that is virtually un-usable.


The Combi Sling

Our most popular sling, the Combi is very versatile and extremely comfortable. It features a built-in head support and padded legs that are divided to allow for easy application and removal. br>
Available in standard solid fabric or mesh for bathing, the Combi is suitable for bed, chair, floor and tub transfers. Sizes range from pediatric to triple oversize. Custom sizes also available.

Catalog # Description Approx. Sizing Guidelines
T015C Combi Sling 120-210 lbs
T015CP Combi Sling, Pediatric Under 120 lbs
T015CX Combi Sling, Oversize 200-280 lbs
T015CXX Combi Sling, Double Oversize 250-320 lbs
T015CXXX Combi Sling, Triple Oversize over 320 lbs
T015CM Combi Sling Mesh 120-210 lbs
T015CMP Combi Sling, Pediatric Mesh under 120 lbs
T015CMX Combi Sling, Oversize Mesh 200-280 lbs
T015CMXX Combi Sling, Double Oversize Mesh 250-320 lbs
T015CMXXX Combi Sling, Triple Oversize Mesh over 320 lbs

The Long Seat Sling

Designed for single and double leg amputees as well as for patients that prefer a non-divided leg sling, the long seat sling is available with or without commode opening in either solid fabric or mesh.

Sizes available include regular and oversize. Custom sizes also available.

Category # Description Approx. Sizing Guidelines
T015L Long Seat Sling up to 210 lbs
T015LX Long Seat Sling, Oversize 200-300 lbs
T015LC Long Seat Sling with Commode Opening up to 210 lbs
T015LCX Long Seat Sling with Commode, Oversize 200-300 lbs
T015LM Long Seat Sling Mesh up to 210 lbs
T015LMX Long Seat Sling Mesh, Oversize 200-300 lbs
T015LMC Long Seat Sling, Mesh with Commode Opening up to 210 lbs
T015LMCX Long Seat Sling, Mesh with Commode, Oversize 200-300 lbs

The Hygiene Sling

Specifically designed for toileting and peri-care, the Hygiene sling allows for un-obstructed access to the perineal area. In many cases the patient's pants can be lowered and then raised with the patient in the sling. The Hygiene sling features padded legs and back as well as a snap together chest belt for added safety.

Available in solid fabric and two sizes. Custom sizes also available.

Category # Description Approx. Sizing Guidelines
T015T Hygiene Sling 120-210 lbs
T015TX Hygiene Sling, Oversize 200-300 lbs

Walking Sling

Allows the Ultralift patient lifter to be used as a rehabilitation device for standing and walking. The Walking sling features a sheepskin covering for added comfort and locking buckles to ensure a safe environment for both patient and caregiver.

Available in one standard size as well as custom sizes.  br>
Category # Description Approx. Sizing Guidelines
T015WH Walking harness for Ultralift up to 250 lbs

Leg Support Cover 

This cover works in conjunction with the Harness Deluxe (included w/ purchase of Steady Aid).  This is ideal for patients who can bear less than 20% of their body weight or have unpredictable days.  The cover attaches to the harness and goes through the patient's legs to give them more stability and comfort when using the Steady Aid. 


Repositioning Sling

This sling enables the caregiver to reposition or roll a patient in bed without manual lifting. 

This can be used with the Stratus Ceiling Lift or the Ultra Lift 1000. 



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