Electric Bath Lift


The Sovereign Electric bath lift is the perfect solution for patients that require safe and comfortable transfers in and out of the bath tub.

The unique tripod base with adjustable legs and the adjustable length boom means the Sovereign will work with virtually any tub.

Since the Sovereign is freestanding, there are no associated installation costs or delays. 


The lift can be easily moved at any time thanks to the dual built-in wheels. The smooth electric operation is controlled via a hand held remote and the six-point spreader bar provides patients with maximum safety and comfort. Combine the Sovereign with one of our many models of mesh slings to create a user-friendly, hassle free bath transfer system.


  • Always available to caregivers

  • More affordable than floor or ceiling lift

  • No permanent installation on the ceiling

  • Can be folded and rolled to another location

  •  Unlike floor lift the Sovereign Bath Lift requires no storage space

  • Ergonomic design and maneuverability


  • Foldable base frame with casters

  • Rotating mast

  • Boom with adjustable lengths

  • Adjustable leg for different size rooms

  • 400 lb safe working load

 Technical Information

Safe Load Capacity:    400 lbs
Unit Weight:  174 lbs (79 kgs)
Overall Width:   80” (2030mm)
Overall Length:  62” (1575 mm)
Mast Height:  60” (1525 mm)
Spreader Min Height: 23” (585mm)
Spreader Max Height:  55” (1400mm)
Lifting Mechanism:      24VDC Actuator
Battery:    12V 4.5Ah X 2
Battery Charger:  AC110/220V to DC 24V 1 AMP


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